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Friday, 10 December 2010

Friday Freebie!! - 24

The Friday Freebie Club!!

Each Friday I will be adding a new Freebie sheet to download ............ be sure to follow me and tell your friends too ........... I've got lots and lots of designs to show and share!

If this proves popular and lots of you follow me I'll start a new Blog especially for The Friday Freebie Club!!

I add new sheets to craftsUprint daily ........... and I'll be sharing some of the wonderful cards here that my customers have made with my designs too ............ to help inspire you!! 

Here's this weeks Friday Freebie:-

A sheet of pretty flowers

I have lots more designs ............ and you'll find them all on craftsUprint

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  1. So pretty and sweet - I love the freshness and trendiness of your designs. Thank you for this delightful gift, Carole. God Bless. :) Monica

  2. Thanks Monica, I love flowers .......... in fact I think they are my favourite things to draw.


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