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Saturday, 23 January 2010

My First Post!

Well this is all new to me ............... but here goes with my very first Blog post!

At the moment I'm working on a series of very pretty Flowers and Pearls designs. I drew these fowers a few years ago and they were inspired by some flowers I had for Mothers Day but I think they'd be great for birthdays too ............ so I've done the designs with both Mothers Day and Birthday text on them!

I just love these designs and so I've done them as a number of different sheets
in 6 colourways. Including A4, Quick cards with Pyramage/Decoupage and Square with wavy corner pyramage/decoupage, which are awaiting verification as I type!

I'm going to have a go at
doing them as fold back cards, teardrops, and maybe if I can design a template as plate cards too!

So far I've done some portrait inserts to match but I must look at doing some landscape ones too!

Ohh mee Ohh myyyyyyyy there are just never enough hours in the day .......... or ............ days in the
week to get everything done! lol

I've also been working on lots of other designs including a range of

digital embellishments that are just great for traditional and digital cardmakers and scrapbookers! These include the gorgeous '

Organza and Pearl' butterflies in a number of different
colourways, plus brads, 'strings of pearls', safety pins and some cute 'metal' alphabet charms too!

Well I guess I'd better stop chatting now ............ and get some more design work done!

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